Red Bull Air Race – (Fox Sports)

TEN100’s production of the Red Bull Air Race was recognized with 4 Emmy Nominations in just 3 years.


By April of 2010, The Red Bull Air Race defeated Sunday Night Football on NBC, NASCAR on FOX and Monday Night Football on ESPN to take home the Emmy award for the second consecutive year.


The Red Bull Air Race is a major challenge for the pilots, but it’s also a monumental effort from the crew behind the scenes of the most elaborate traveling infrastructure in the world. The air race transports three hundred eighty tons of custom designed equipment around the globe. In total, seven Boeing 747s, two hundred ten sea freight containers, and four hundred truck loads carry this traveling circus from one exotic location to the next. Out of this mass of equipment, an air race city appears. Within days, the media center, hospitality area, and a four story control tower are in place. In less than a week, a massive event location for a crew of three hundred people is constructed. A fully functional temporary airport is established, where the race planes are assembled and made race ready. Up to one million spectators watch the air race on location, where ten giant video walls deliver an up-close view of the action. Over forty cameras, including a gyroscopically stabilized helicopter cineflex and twenty-four on-board cameras, capture every speed shattering moment in stunning high definition. Revolutionary technology like the Antelope ultra slow motion camera, and the Dartfish composite replay tool help tell the story, as the air race is broadcast to one hundred thirty countries worldwide. When the race is over, and the champagne is spent, the deconstruction begins. In just two days, the entire Air Race city is packed, loaded, and on its way to the next exotic location on the other side of the world.