Year Of The Quarterback: The Kickoff


The Year of the Quarterback: The Kickoff is a one-hour show previewing ESPN’s year-long examination into the lives and careers of quarterbacks from Pop Warner to the NFL.  Hosted by Chris Connelly, the special aims to provide an in-depth exploration into the most storied, analyzed, and discussed positions in sports.


The special includes an unprecedented “quarterback roundtable” drawn from ESPN’s own stable of experts, including Super Bowl-winning head coach Jon Gruden, former NFL Player of the Year Ron Jaworski and Super Bowl champion and Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young, as well as current and former NFL quarterbacks John Elway,Troy Aikman, Joe Namath, Aaron Rogers and Vince Young. The roundtable is designed to delve into America’s obsession with the quarterback: the mystique behind the position, the level of athleticism, and the pop culture aspect of quarterback “celebrity status.” The special also includes first-person accounts from the “blue chip” high school recruit, the Heisman hopeful and the NFL legend.