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TEN100 is an Emmy® and Peabody Award-winning production company that uses narrative film techniques to elevate non-scripted formats.
When it was founded in 2007 by John Dorsey and Andrew Stephan, TEN100 targeted a void in the unscripted marketplace by sidestepping cynical reality formats in favor of authentic documentary content with mainstream appeal, premium production values, and buzzy themes.  In the ensuing years, the company’s instincts have inspired a legion of imitators but the company has never relinquished its leadership position in both premium unscripted and documentary programming.  Meanwhile, the company has extended its core principles to its efforts in the branded content space, producing multiple Emmy nominations and awards for its brand partners.
From the darkest war zones of Afghanistan to the brightest stages in music and sport, TEN100 has relentlessly pursued authentic voices and empowered them to tell their own compelling stories in ways that always provoke but never pander.    You know the truth when you see it.  Today, Ten100 remains committed to being present at those moments when real life inspires emotions in us all that you just can’t fake.   Thankfully, tastes have evolved.  Entertainment doesn’t have to be shallow.  TEN100 chooses to LOOK DEEPER.