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TEN100 is a Los Angeles-based production company that uses narrative film techniques to elevate non-scripted formats.


Launched in 2010 by John Dorsey and Andrew Stephan, the boutique production company was recognized in its first year with both the Emmy® and the Peabody Award.   In the years that followed, the company has forged a leadership position in the production of premium factual, unscripted and documentary programming. TEN100 has also been at the tip of the spear in branded content, producing multiple Emmy awards for its partners.
Today, unscripted audiences have come to demand the quality, insight and depth that TEN100 has long delivered.   And as the line between documentary and scripted techniques continues to blur, TEN100 is well positioned to dominate the emerging new reality of factual programming.
Thankfully, tastes have evolved.  Entertainment doesn’t have to be so shallow.
At TEN100, we choose to LOOK DEEPER.