An Awesome Manifesto

lf NBC is committed to working with a familiar face, I understand.  However, I will say a show about innovation would do well to look and feel different.  The case for considering me is that while I’m a bit outside the box, the subject matter and the needs of your show sit squarely in my wheelhouse.  If they want new blood to add value in unexpected ways, I can deliver.  If you are so inclined, I’ve included the following relevant past work for your consideration (I’ve tried to make these clips bite-sized out of consideration for your busy workload)…



The structure of this film runs on two concurrent tracks. One is the linear chronology of past events as they played out in 1987.  The other is represented by home follows to see where life has left these guys.   Each of these home follows are placed at pressure points in the larger chronological narrative.  In the context of historical narrative, they work like little pockets of empathy – illustrating why we should care about these guys.  On a fundamental level, your show will need the same.  Without that, nothing much matters.  This trailer contains bits of several home-follows and gives you a taste of how they are leveraged to powerful effect.


Today, they are walking among us and in all walks of life. You don’t know that your next-door neighbor, commercial real estate broker or kids high school football coach had his moment in the sun on the biggest stage in sports because they have been conditioned by life to not bring it up. I think some of your characters will no doubt be toiling in obscurity as well. Several of them probably have their version of Jobs and Wozniak’s garage. Like my film, neighbors might not even know the seeds of greatness are taking root next door. If given the opportunity, I can use the same skills to do for your characters what I did for mine in this film.


This film was feted last year at Tribeca and AFI Docs before premiering on ESPN last fall. The film cost just under $1M to produce.



The film takes a look at the startup and emerging business scene through the eyes of 5 young tech-entrepreneurs seeking to solve problems and change the world. – all while featuring insights and analysis from seasoned, industry watchers and tech sector pioneers including Nolan Bushnell (Atari)Tony Hsieh (Zappos)Mike Maples Jr (Twitter) and more. It was made in 2011 so its a bit humorous how “the cloud” is referenced like its a modern wonder. Watch this trailer and I think you’ll see a lot of overlap in terms of the themes articulated in The Awesome Show sizzle.



This doc-series showcases peak performers across a variety of disciplines (fine art, sport, tech, business, music, film) in an attempt to decode catalysts that unlocked greatness.   If Malcolm Gladwell produced Master Class it would look something like this. Each episode profiles two people who have reached the pinnacle of their respective craft. These leaders from the worlds of sports, science, music, film, tech, and beyond, will recount the catalysts and obstacles encountered en route to mastery.  Each profile will humanize outsized talent with the hope of inspiring an awakening of the vast untapped potential inside us all.


EPISODE 5: THE RESILIENT  features Craig Venter (seen above), a world-famous scientist who decoded the human genome plus skateboarding icon Stacey Peralta, both of whom endured failure and trauma en route to fulfilling their potential.


EPISODE 4: THE EXPLORERS features Peter Diamandis (seen above), the visionary genius behind the X-Prize and the first privately financed space flight- plus world famous mountain climber, Jimmy Chin, both of who were driven to literally expand man’s horizons. 


It’s worth noting both Craig Venter and Peter Diamandis are on the board of directors at Singularity University. Diamandis’ episode even features an interview with Ray Kurzweil himself. I’m pretty sure Craig and Peter were quite happy with the results. 


Click here to watch the promo for the series, which coincidentally features some imagery used in your sizzle.